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Mini Contest: Allie Empty Mini Contest: Allie

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:14 pm

It's a mini contest! Design a 2nd stage wolf to look like my pup, Allie. Feel free to change the lineart- add floppy ears, edit eyes, curly tail, collar, etc. She is cream with tan ears and a tan streak across her back. She has a light pink collar with a hot pink heart shaped charm on it that says 'Allie'. Background (including her favorite toys: her tiny yellow duck, her big hamburger with hot pink buns, her pink rope chew with knots on both ends, her chocolate brown bed and her lilac blanket with bees and flowers on it) is much appreciated, but not necessary.
-Allie has a really curly tail- it curls all the way around and rests on her back
-She is very goofy and loves doing crazy things with her toys, including carrying her bed around
-She is very shaggy- I want to see some fluff, people!
-Make it neat!
-No copying- I will warn posters of "copycat" posts, and eventually delete them if unchanged or unexcused
-You are more likely to win if you include some of the background items I suggested
-Most lifelike wins 200 cash and it will become one of my pets, cutest wins 100.

Mini Contest: Allie ?ui=2&ik=cefb842185&view=att&th=134a6e12d9635329&attid=0

2nd Stage pup:
Mini Contest: Allie Lunape10

Reply with your picture, and enter as many times as you like! If you need more details/pics, PM me or reply to this post. I will not give out suggestions for this contest. It will end March 1 2o12.


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